Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gettin ready for BlytheCon!

We're getting ready for BlytheCon by finally making our sailor dresses!  This has been on my To Do List for months now.  Well, the con is just a month away now, so we better hurry.  My newest girl Marilyn (Saffy encore) is modeling the mock-up.  It is a dress, tap pants and hat ensemble.  I think that we will keep a couple, donate one (plus other goodies) to the raffle, and list the rest in my Etsy shop.

Marilyn is not sure of this red for a sailor dress set.  "Are you sure you know what you're doing?"

"This blue is more like it!  It really brings out the color in my eyes, don't you think?!"  Yes, Norma Jean.

Here they are.  All cut out.  Would you believe those little piles are nine outfits?!  Well, minus the hats.  I have a few more of those to cut.  I'll post the results when we finish putting them together.  And I'll post a pattern for the sailor hat, too.  So all your girls can get ready for the con, too.  Everyone needs a sailor hat!

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