Friday, September 6, 2013

Let's have a little Patience. . .

and Kindness, too.  With a capital K.  For all of us hoping to go to BlytheCon in NYC next month, as the world watches.

In the meantime, I want to share some pictures of Wilde Imagination's new Big Eye girl, Patience.  Let's see how she measures up.

The box is so pretty.  It's just like the title graphic on their page for her online

Tonner's presentation is always so nice.  My first impression is she has lovely eyes and the outfit is really well done.

She is made of vinyl and hard plastic with a non-removable wig.  She is 14 inches tall.

Let's see how she compares to our girl, Blythe.

 I lined them up with their shoulders even.  That gives you an idea of how the heads and bodies compare respectively.  Obviously, Blythe is a much smaller doll in height, and her body in just plain a lot smaller.  But her head is bigger.  It's these exaggerated proportions that we love about her.  WI didn't go as extreme with Patience.






And how does Patience compare with Pullip?

Again, I lined them up by the shoulders.  Pullip is much shorter and generally smaller and thinner, too.  Though, their heads are fairly close in size.

One of the nice things about Patience for Tonner collectors is that they used the 12 inch body from previous releases.  This means that clothes and patterns for Marley Wentworth, Agnes Dreary, Hermione and Alice will work.  I've already collected some things for her.  She is very highly articulated which makes her a great poser. 

 Her eyes are very expressive and fun to play with.  They are weighted and move based on the position of her head like the vintage dolls used to do.  So no string like Blythe or wheel like Pullip.

As you can see, she is double jointed so her hands can easily touch her face making for fun play and great poses.

 "Oooh, I feel so stressed out!"

"I really am trying to relax."

"But all this Blythe stuff is giving me a headache.  Why do I have to be compared to others?"