Saturday, March 1, 2014

BlytheCon 2014 in Seattle!

Art by Dr. Blythenstein
We got our tickets to Blythe Con in Seattle this week!  It is on August 2 at the Fisher Pavilion.  The theme is "Journey to the Emerald City," which is very appropriate since this year is the 75th anniversary of "The Wizard of Oz." There is a lot of information on their website/blog, including vendor interviews. 

Excitement is building on Facebook, too.  It's important to follow the news there.  The BlytheCon team are working on setting up a panel talk with Allison Katzman and Junko Wong the day prior to the event, but that is not a definite event yet.  Also, pre-meets and other events are usually organized through Facebook. 

I am hoping for a swap meet this year.  The Dallas swap was so much fun!

And...I am working on another large donation project for the goodie bags again this year!  This year, I am making tulle underskirts-- at least 100.  These are not full enough to be pettiskirts or tutus, but will add a little fullness to a skirt and peek out of the bottom with a little sheer color.  So far the colors that I am working on are black, blue, pink, and a few lavender.  Let me know if you think I should do some other colors, too-- like maybe white? 

See her little pink tulle underskirt?!  Cute, huh?!

Ready, set, GO!

We have 5 months!

Are you ready?