Monday, July 11, 2011

Notes from BlytheCon

I can't believe the whole month of June has come and gone.  We had such a great time on our trip north!  We took Amtrak in a first-class cabin to Portland for the BlytheCon.  The train ride was over 17 hours of sleeping, eating, wine tasting and scenery.  I highly recommend the train!  It was an adventure and every bit a part of the vacation, unlike plane travel which has degenerated to an onerous task that must be completed for a vacation to begin.
Relaxing in our cabin
In the Dining Car
In Portland, we stayed at the Hotel Deluxe.  It is a beautiful art deco hotel downtown, which has been decorated in an over the top "Golden Age of Hollywood" theme.  The rooms are quite large and comfortable, and there is a pillow menu-- though I didn't try it out.  And I have to mention the food, because it was absolutely the best there of the whole trip, just amazing really.  Great food in the restaurant (def high end), fun, unusual cocktails in the lounge, and awesome room service.
Dolls checking in dressed for BlytheCon in their logo shirts

  There was a pre-Con party in the lounge/lobby of the Hotel Deluxe on Sunday night.  We had fun meeting people and checking out everyone's incredible dollies all dressed up for the event.  Such good cocktails!

BlytheCon started at noon on Monday.  True to form, we arrived a little late after walking in the wrong direction and searching for food.  Unfortunately, that means that I didn't get in line soon enough to get a Euro Trash Helmet.   We didn't win anything in the raffle either, but we did get a cool hat in one of the goody bags.  And we met some VERY nice people from (surprise!) the South Bay.
Our table dollies:  I brought Bella Blythe and the ACFDC travel doll Midge.  Bridgette brought her new doll with purple hair and blue dress.  The other dolls are our table mates': and one is the same as Bridgette's new doll!

There were some very cute displays set up to take photos in for both dolls and people.

But we did a lot of frenzied shopping as soon as we were done in the Euro Trash line.  So here are some of our new scores from BlytheCon----
Bridgette's doll is feeling like a princess in her Lolita crown from Schnitzlebank.  There were so many different ones to choose from, but Bridgette knew just what one she wanted.  And it came in the cutest little box to protect it on our trip.  The dress is from This and That Creations.  We got several dresses from her after returning to clear up a little mishap of leaving the table with a dress for which we hadn't paid. 

We got 3 of these cute little hats from Elifins.  They are so cute!  I just love them.  All of the beading is hand-sewn right onto the hats!  The green one has cute curly mohair and turquoise beads, and the gray one is felted with butterfly beading details.  Both hats are "gnome hats," but she also makes regular helmets.  They are so detailed.  And I am so enamored of them right now that I spent all day trolling for new outfits to go with them.  I did find a pair of silver boots!

She is all packed and ready to go on the next trip.  I guess she is upset that she was left behind last time.  But I did come home with that cute hat from Elifins and a dress that matches just too perfectly from This and That Creations!
 Kiss Me stayed home, too.  She got that fabulous felted gnome hat from Elifins and a dress and necklace to go with it from Blythe Couture.
 I just love this closeup of that little outfit.  She is too glam!  
Siobhan was so surprised and delighted to receive a present from BlytheCon, too.

Okay, and I can't forget this darling little vampire rag doll by Devout.  She also makes the most wonderful 2-headed rag dolls and other fun creepies, and outfits, too.  You have just got to check them out.  We got all this and more!  It is so hard to list everything!  We had so much fun enjoying everyone's special goodies that it was hard to choose what to bring home.  I'll make an effort to give everyone credit as the photos of items keep coming up!

UP NEXT:  We're off to Forks!