Friday, May 6, 2011

Easter with the ACFDC

I have been a member of the Alameda County Fashion Doll Club (ACFDC) for 3 years.  Now, most doll clubs are full of octogenarians, but this club has a much younger population.  Still, we are basically old enough to be able to afford a BJD and to know better than to spend that kind of money on a doll (or a room full)!  Membership has now closed at 35 members, who collect a wide range of dolls, both vintage and modern.  It's really great to learn about different types of dolls, because I tend to develop tunnel vision in my dolly world.  But the members of the ACFDC are what makes it a truly fun club.

Every meeting begins with dinner, desert and socializing.  There are mini-booths of items for sale to explore during dinner and the arrival period.  I like to check everything out right away, so I don't miss the best stuff.  Just like a show.  When we get down to business, there is a presentation on something doll related.  I think this is a pretty hard task considering the totally varied interests of the members.  ACFDC President Carrie Freitas and her partner in enabling, Jonathan Moore, do a really great job at trying to cover everyone's interests.  At the meeting on 19 April, we made Easter Baskets for our dolls!

To go along with the Easter Baskets theme, Bridgette and I decided to make an Easter basket cake.  We got the idea from 
I really like this site.  It has lots of great ideas.  Bridgette wanted to make a strawberry cake, and we made our own cream cheese frosting.  Homemade frosting is so much better than the stuff in the can!  We always use this Martha Stewart recipe.  It comes out great every time, but it makes a huge amount!  We decorated our cake with peeps, chocolate bunnies and eggs.
  Bridgette had lots of fun and the cake came out great!

It's fun to bring a nice desert to the club!  The club had lots of little baskets of all sizes for the whole range of dolls- tall and small.  There was a table stocked with lots of supplies to decorate the baskets and fill them.  I think everyone made at least 2 baskets.  Bridgette made 3 and I made 2!  We made baskets for guess who!

Kiss Me True is wearing a spring dress and bunny ear visor by BHC.  And I made her this basket.

Ice Rune is wearing He Loves Me Daisy Flouncy Wouncy Pinafore Dress Ensemble by Chris Miller.This is my first Chris Miller outfit, and I just love it!  I really want some more.  I made her this basket to go with her dress.

Bridgette made 3 baskets for her Basaak that she has named Jewel.
Jewel holds her basket with pink grass and yellow chicks.

The basket with a yellow flower and felt bunny.

The all pink basket.

Happy Easter!

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