Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tonner Dolls and Beyond

I've been playing with my new dolls.  There was a sale table at the luncheon.  Almost everything was on sale for 15% below the website prices.  And no shipping, of course! 

 Here some more shots of Liz in her most excellent sailor outfit---

With my sweet Ellowyne: Feeling Drained, too.
And the big surprise was Maudlynne Macabre.  I bought her as a show gift for my daughter at a friend's suggestion.  When we opened her, she was so awesomely cool!  Her body is fairly articulated and posable.  With those cute eyes, very reminiscent of Susie Sade Eyes.  And there are even patterns already out on the market for her.  I hope Robert expands this line.

The shoes are great little rubbery mary janes.
Awwwww, those eyebrows. . .

I also got my first Evangeline at the show.  Fittingly, I opened the box and took her first pictures in a popular local graveyard.

We'll take more at the graveyard soon.

While I have been trying to switch to collecting more small dolls (to go in our small house), I caught or renewed this big doll virus at the Luncheon, and I came home with all tall dolls.  No Amelia Thimbles, not one. 

There was a table with a large display of American Models, and oooooooohhhhhhh. . .
(more on that later)

Another parting shot of Ell


  1. love the Midnight waltz. I ordered that one awhile ago at her Full price in case she sold out...LOL.
    i'm in Walnut Creek. Looks like you are not that far away.

    1. You are so close. Do you belong to any doll clubs? Several people in our club collect Evangeline. We are a fashion doll club with collectors of varied interests. Are you interested in going some time?