Monday, January 7, 2013

Mystixx Vampires

A new vampire doll caught our attention during the end of the Christmas shopping rush--  Mystixx Vampires by Playhut.  They even already have their own music video on YouTube.  Toys R Us has them on the shelf right next to Monster High dolls.  And of course, Bratzillas are directly across from that.  So... kind of hard to miss.

Anyway, they have a body that is very similar to Monster High, although, Mystixx are slightly taller and the elbows and knees don't bend.  Pretty lame that, though. 
There is a Flickr Pool with lots of comparison shots.

  The concept is that the doll is a normal girl during the day and a vampire at night.  Like Delilah Noir, I guess.  So there is a face on the front and back of the head and the head turns around, to change the faces.  They have really great outfits and are packaged with an extra outfit and wig in the box with the doll.  They are a good value at $19.99, if you get them at TRU, but they are being scalped at high prices on Amazon and EvilBay.  A fun way to spend those TRU Rewards dollars from Christmas that are due to expire this month!

Happy New Year!

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