Wednesday, August 22, 2012

BlytheCon Schwag!

So much shopping, so little time. . .

Seriously, I became so overstimulated from all of the awesomeness available and frenzied shopping that I had a hard time focusing on the demos later.  I hope to be able to pay better attention next year.  Ditto for pictures of other dolls.

We got lots of cool stuff at the swap and room sale on Saturday night:

these cute overalls, t-shirt, and cowboy hat.
All this stuff, plus . . .

The next morning, we got to the line-up just after 7 am and our numbers in line were 76 and 77, so no Eurotrash helmet for us again this year.  Aargh!  As usual, Bridgette's luck held out strong with her goodie bag.  Check it out:
Too cute hat!!

Goggle kit, monster helmet, 2 pairs of socks, Texas Monthly mag, paper rose, tiny chicken, pins candy and cards. 

Here's what I got:

Sunglasses from MimiWoo, a goggle kit, pen, and the other standard stuff.

In the mad dash to get in and begin shopping, I made my way to Devout's booth and got my pick of her little rag dolls. . .

More for my collection

And we didn't get one of Erica's shirts in our bags, so we bought a couple:

3 shirts by Ericaduh

I couldn't resist a few new dresses with headbands from PommePomme:

Such a retro Mexicana design.
This is the
BlytheCon special release.

You might notice there is one other dress in my new collection-- it is for a middle that is on her way right now!  I just had to have one after seeing all the cuties at the show.  My first Middie!  YAY!!!  Too bad there wasn't one for sale from Toys Paradise.  But here are some shots of the doll we did get.

 Bridgette's third doll!  

I discovered a fantastic new seller-- Modmoiselle.  She had a collection of very detailed steampunk outfits.  She sold out of everything at the show.  We ended up buying two dresses with a flying hat and goggles.  The goggles have steampunk minutiae in the lenses.

The top hat is just a base from Hobby Lobby.  I still need to dude it up.

At the end of the evening, Bridgette won 2 great items from Blythe Fifth Avenue in the raffle!

A great little popcorn knit dress with a tutu.

And this pretty cardigan!

The glasses are from my goodie bag!
Kitty Charlie gets cozy with all the loot!

My collection of BlytheCon shirts.

I'm looking forward to getting another BlytheCon shirt for my collection in NYC next year!  Hmmm, I wonder what we'll make for the goodie bags?  Maybe tights?  What would you like to get?

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