Wednesday, August 15, 2012

BlytheCon 2012 in Dallas

BlytheCon has come and gone .  .  .                      *sigh*  

Time to reminisce about our favorite dolls and moments of our time in Dallas. On FB, there was a bit of concern over the prediction of an uncomfortably hot weekend, but the Gaylord Texan Resort is an amazing, domed, temperature controlled microcosm of Texas.  And the heat was great in the pool areas.  We spent 5 days soaking in the water and the Texas sun!  We even went off-campus to enjoy some wild slides at a local water park NRH2O.

While the Con was only scheduled officially for one day, there were get-togethers scheduled all day long the day before.  On Saturday morning, we dropped off our 100 headbands donation for the gift bags and got a sneak peek at all of the goodies going into the bags, not to mention meet all of the wonderful people working hard to get the Con underway.

Then we quickly got dressed and made our way to Paradise Springs waterpark where everyone was meeting under the umbrellas by the lazy river, on the left in this picture.  It wasn't hard to spot them with all the dolls laid out everywhere.  And I got my first glimpses of middies in person, though we spent all afternoon in the water and our girls in the locker room.

Riverwalk Cantina
Our girls in attendance
After our sunny day, we got dressed and went to dinner at the Riverwalk Cantina with about 60 other BlytheCon peeps.  Here are a few highlights.  This is in no way a comment about the best of the night, just eye candy of that eve.   

OMG!!!  I LOVE this girl!  One of my favs of the whole show!
 After the dinner, there was a swap and non-vendor sale in an attendee's room (announced on FB).  We got a lot of cool deals there: shoes, hose, outfits, and toys.  But more on the schwag later.  On the big day, Sunday, we got up at 7 am to get our badges, and we were numbers 76 and 77, which totally blew our chances of getting one of the coveted 30 Eurotrash helmets.  Again!  So I made my way to Devout's table first and got my pick of her incredible little creepy rag dolls.  Bridgette got a new doll, Prairie Posie, from Toys Paradise, an Australian company.  This is the first time a dealer was vending, and there were 6 or 7 different dolls available at a significant savings from online prices.  After much shopping, there were several demos.  Honestly, I was so overwhelmed by all the dolls and shopping that I had a hard time paying attention to the demos.  The raffle was huge and had to be divided into 2 lots, afternoon and evening drawings.  I didn't win anything in the first raffle and joined Bridgette in the swimming pool during the dinner break and next round of demos.  We got back in time for the second raffle and Bridgette won a great outfit from Blythe Fifth Ave.  Here's a brief glimpse of some of those moments.

Our girls in attendance at the con, waiting for the doors to open.

 Our girls took time out to get some exercise rock climbing.
Bridgette was so excited about getting her new doll!
Wow!  What a day!  I developed a new obsession with middies and was so disappointed that I didn't win the Melacacia custom middie in the raffle.  The day lasted until nearly 10 pm!  We were so exhausted, but still had to get something to eat since we swam during the dinner break.  We are already talking about BlytheCon in New York City next year!


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