Monday, August 29, 2016

Cardigan Knitting pattern for Middie Blythe

Labor Day is around the corner, and fall is almost here.  As the days get longer and the nights get cooler, I think about spending cozy evenings by the fire with a new knitting project underway.  Doll knitting projects are so much fun because you can complete them in almost an evening, and they don't require much yarn.  Here's a pattern for a little sweater for Middie Blythe.  It is a swing style sweater with pockets to keep your girl's hands warm.  It can be embellished with lace, embroidery or beading, or it is sweet in its simple form, too.  The pattern is adapted from a popular Neo Blythe pattern by Jane Pierrepont that is available on etsy here.

Doll model in this post is customized by Sarah Glahe of Kaleidoscope Kustoms.  

Pocket Cardigan for Middie Blythe

Finished Size
Fits Middie Blythe

Fine yarn
3mm needles
Tension: 10 rows and 7 sts for 1” square

Increases: pick up the horizontal strand between the stitches on the right and left needles and knit into the back of the loop.
Moss Stitch: an elongated version of seed stitch. Instead of alternating the pattern every row (as you do for seed stitch), for moss stitch, you work 2 rows of the same sequence of knits and purls before you alternate them. (definition from

Cast on 26 sts and work 4 rows moss stitch
Row 5: K4, inc, K1, inc, K3, inc, K1, inc, K8, inc, K1, inc, K3, inc, K1, inc, K4.
Row 6: Purl
Row 7: K5, inc, K1, inc, K5, inc, K1, inc, K10, inc, K1, inc, K5, inc, K1, inc, K5.
Row 8: Purl
Row 9: K6, inc, K1, inc, K7, inc, K1, inc, K12, inc, K1, inc, K7, inc, K1, inc, K6.
Row 10: Purl

Knit across 7 sts for right front and 11 sts for sleeve (18 total) turn and work on the 11 sts for sleeve as follows: (you can put the stitches not being worked on a spare needle if you like at this stage)
Starting with a purl row SS 8 rows
Moss stitch 4 rows
Cast off in moss stitch

Rejoin yarn to 31 sts on needle and knit across 25 sts.  
Turn and work on the next 11 sts for the other sleeve as before.  
Rejoin yarn to the last 7 sts and knit to end.

Purl 1 row
Next row: *K2, Kfb next stitch.  Repeat from * to last 3 stitches, K3
Starting with a purl row SS 5 rows
Moss stitch for 6 rows and cast off in moss stitch

Cast on 8 sts and work 6 rows in moss stitch.  Cast off.

Stitch sleeve/side seams together.
Make a button loop: I did this by fastening a few simple crochet chain stitches in a loop on one side of neck edge.  Attach button or pearl on other side, you can position the placement to adjust the neckline.
Stitch pockets on the hem so they sit where your doll can put her hands in.

You can download and print the pattern here.


 Happy knitting!

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