Monday, December 21, 2015

Takara Middie vs. Fake Middie Comparison

There is a lot of controversy surrounding Blythe fakies.  And I am not even entering into the real versus fake dispute.  Here, I simply want to share some photos and observations on the fairly recent addition of fake Middies available on the market.  I know that lots of people already have fake Middies, but I thought a series of comparison shots might be fun!  I am comparing my Takara Macaron Q - Tea Party purchased from Junie Moon and a Fakie purchased from Blythe Homes on

I cannot speak to what it is like to open a fake middie and customize her, because I don't do that.  So this discussion is limited to externals.  I welcome any comments below that would enlighten me and the readers in this area.

Here is the cover shot of the 2 girls.  In the photo comparisons, the Takara will always be on the left (the blond in panties) and the Fakie will be on the right (pink hair girl).  Many people prefer the hair on the Fakies, with Blythe purists even replacing the Takara scalps with fake's hair.  But for me, while the fake hair is often pretty, I find it a little too fine to be able to control and style, generally speaking.  And sometimes the Fakies arrive with hair that is so extremely greasy that it seems to be thickly coated in vaseline- a real hassle to get clean.  However, this Fake Middie arrived with hair that was clean, soft, thick and a very nice color.  My real issue with her was that I did not like the coloring of her face up with the hair color.  (Not a problem since I sent her out for customizing.)

Here is a close up for detail.   The lips are painted differently, which is not uncommon with Fakies.  But to my eye the actual sculpt looks a little different- the nose and eye hole both look slightly larger.  I can't take an actual measurement, because she has already been sent off for customization, but if anyone has actual info on this, I welcome it.  Also, it might be that this Takara was released in October 2010, so possibly the sculpt has changed a bit?
The bodies look very similar to my eye.  Is the head just a tad bigger? And the way the arms slope onto the shoulder looks just slightly different.

From the back, same eye rolling mechanism and same two screws at the back of the head.

Here's the side view of their faces.

This is the Takara.

This is the Fakie.  You can see that the seam is not as perfect a fit, and there is some plastic mold hanging onto the earring hole.  All Fakies that I have seen have the earring holes.
Their hands. Again, Takara on the left.


This is a close-up of their eyes.  Takara is the blue on the left.  I know that they both look bright.  But the Takara is actually a bit more intense while the Fakie seems a little washed out and not quite as shiny.  Also, the line in the Takara are more subtle compared to the pronounced rectangles in the Fakie.  I have heard the the chips are not exactly interchangeable without some modifications.

You can see some of the glue from the scalp to the back and front face plates in these two shots.
Finally, there is this tiny flaw- a little red dot on the thigh.  The body seems well enough constructed.  The Neo Fakies have very rubbery legs compared to Takaras: a significant difference in quality.  But I think that in the Middie Fakies this difference is not nearly as pronounced while still there just a bit.

I hope that you have enjoyed this comparison of the two Middies!

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