Monday, August 19, 2013

"Barbie is Moving" Event Review

This is a great event for young collectors with lots of fun activities.  The whole event is free!  The event we attended was at a parking lot in an Oakland Walmart store.  There were two large trucks and a house set up as the staging area.

A poodle shrub!
During registration, they give you a goodie bag-- a reusable Barbie tote, flyers, coupons, and a DVD. 

A Mega Bloks Dreamhouse!

A lego throne bed!
Building. . .
This event seems to be centered on advertising the Barbie Mega Bloks and Dreamhouse toys.  Kids build with legos and are given a mini-starter set for their goodie bags.

And we got to color a dress to take home---

And a  life-size version of the dress project!
Project examples. . .

I heard several girls ask about Barbie, and sadly, she was not in attendance.  But there was enough to do to fill an hour or more of doll play. 

There was a dress, runway, and photo session inside the main staging area.  And two face-painting tables!

We had lots of fun!  There are two weekends remaining in the tour in the Los Angeles and Phoenix metro-areas.  See the site for details.

Take your young collector for some moving fun!

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