Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer! Sun! Fun! And Projects!

Summer break is well underway.  School has been out for a week and a half already. Yay!

Susie Sad Eyes explores Treasure Island.

We already made our first trip of the summer to Disneyland!  Yes, I did say first.  We are Disneylandaholics.  Proximity to Disneyland is one of the main benefits of living in California.  Susie is wearing her new pirate outfit from Tonner Con - Age of Innocence!

Uh oh!  A pirate is sneaking up on Susie!

Time for summer projects!  

I actually made this girl in the Spring.  My daughter loves her!  She was very easy, a good beginner knitting project.  I made her from the pattern in the book Toys to Knit by Tracy Chapman.

And here is a review of the pattern on ravelry.
We are going to make the monkey pattern next.  I already have the yarn!

What are you working on this summer?

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