Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Gettin' Ready for BlytheCon 2012 in Dallas!

YeeeeeeeHaaaaaw!  It's almost time!  One more month to go!  Last post was all about the headbands that I was making for the goodie bags.  This month, I put together a couple of bags for us to use at the Con.

These are made from BlytheCon fabrics designed by the incredibly talented Erica Duh.  Available at Spoonflower.  One is a large shopping tote, with pockets on the outside and inside, too.  The faces on the pockets are actually whole and complete.  (That was just rushed photography on my part.)  That is where we will put all of the goodies that we plan to buy.  And the other bag is a much smaller drawstring bag.  That is where we will be putting all of the goodies that we are collecting to share with people that we meet.  As you can see, so far that is mainly headbands (for those who may not have gotten one) and pins.  I'm hoping to add a few more goodies to our collection, too!  So look for us at the Con with these bags and say, "Hi!"

Another little task to handle before the Con was getting our girls ready for the trip.  Unfortunately, we discovered that Bridgette's favorite doll's eye mechanism was not functioning.  We were so happy that Lawdeda was able to find the time to fix her.

These are her beautiful stock blue eyes.  She has fab hair!

And she even got a few up grades!

Two new sets of purple chips!  And a beautiful purple speckle eyeshadow!  She has two strings with Disney pull charms featuring Eeyore.  Bridgette just loves her custom dolly!

She's ready to go!  We're off to spend a few weeks under the Midwest sun before heading to Texas.  And we're prepping ourselves by keeping up with the new Dallas series and looking for more goodies.

See you there!

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