Monday, March 5, 2012

Girl Scout Cookies

It's Girl Scout cookie season!  Yes, Girl Scout cookies have a season, and we are at the mid-point.  Sales officially began February 13 and will end on March 18.  So stock up on your favorites now.  Cookies freeze well.  Some people even prefer them frozen!

The money earned from cookie sales is split between the girls' troupe and the administrative council.  Here in Northern California, our council is working to protect our campgrounds with a long term conservation easement.  Girl Scouts have always been ahead of the game in the environmental protection and conservation front.  And Girl Scouts are all inclusive.  They do not discriminate socially or economically, providing financial assistance to those in need.  So support your favorite Girl Scout by eating those yummy cookies!

We don't have an office or local extended family to sell to, so we are peddling cookies out of our wagon on the CAL Berkeley campus.  This picture with "State of Mind" in the background is apropos.  Walking down infamous Telegraph Ave calling out, "Giiiirrl Scout Cooookiiees!" is more Mad Magazine than Norman Rockwell in the mix of serious students, jocks, tie dyes, addicts, and homeless.

This is the 100th year of Girl Scouting!  Celebrate with us!  Hit the cookie trail!


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