Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My New Doll!!!

I'm just gushing.  She is so wonderful.  I saw one at the last ACFDC meeting and immediately went home to search Ebay.  I found her a couple days later and bought her right away.  Then I ordered the wig, wig cap, outfit and shoes (plus red glass eyes) from Denver Doll.  It all arrived the same day.  Here she is. . .

She is a Bloody Moon Lati Yellow Miel White Skin released in 2010.  The dress is Doll Heart Juana.  She is my first Lati, and I am so happy with her.  Her little body is a bit thicker than other tinies which really makes her cute.  And hopefully easier to sew for.  I haven't made anything for her yet.  But I am getting ready to right away.  In the meantime, I have posted some links to free patterns on the right below the Blythe patterns.

  I am completely bespelled by her.  She wants more wigs, outfits, shoes, and a better coffin.  Maybe a sheep. . .  Yes, Master!


  1. She is indeed WONDERFUL! Her stunning features, especially those huge, blue eyes are really attractive, making her look more of a cute lass instead of a gothic chick. =) I wonder how she would look like as a blonde dressed as a school girl. Anyway, did you name this adorable thing?

    Chris Jeffery

    1. Yes, I kept the name that the previous owner gave her: Charlotte. Charlotte Sometimes after the famous creepy English story about identity swapping in boarding school. The Cure also have a really great song "Charlotte Sometimes."