Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sailor Hat Pattern and Instructions

This is the pattern that I created to go with my sailor dress series for the BlytheCon 2011!  I made this pattern after a photo that I saw on the San Francisco Chronicle's website, but now I can't find it.  All I have to show you is this dorky guy in a too small-ish looking hat--

Well, okay then, that is a costume hat.  But it is pretty close to the picture of the real thing I was modeling on as you can see by comparison to my final products.

I think this pattern is medium in difficulty.  It is a little bit challenging to attach the brim, but altogether it should only take you a couple hours to cut out the hat and put it together.  I do have some plain ones available in my Etsy store if you would rather just buy one to decorate and personalize for yourself.  I intend this pattern to be for personal use only.  Please don't go into production with it.  I wanted everyone to be able to make a sailor hat for the BlytheCon!

Here's my pattern:
I clicked the pattern picture and that opened it up much larger in a new window.  (I use Firefox.)  Then click the image in that window, and it gets bigger again.  Now print, but you may still have to tweak the size a bit in your printing software.  I included a 2 inch line for scaling purposes.

I downloaded the pattern to Scribd.  It prints in perfect scale from my test.  But the catch is that you have to download the page to print it. Here's the link that pdf of the pattern on scribd.

Directions for Blythe Sailor Hat

I used duck cloth for this project.  I tried a rather heavy quilting-type cotton, but it didn't turn out as well.
Mark the top of hat; it has a dot at the top.  There is a top; although, it looks like an equilateral triangle.
Sew all seams ¼ inch.
I trim most seams to reduce bulk and zig zag over edges to finish seams.  This keeps everything neat.  And the stitch length for sewing doll cloths is a bit shorter than for humans.  Again, this looks neater, but also gives you a bit more control when working with tiny seams.

1.  Sew two hat sections together along side seam from top to bottom.  Trim, finish and finger press. 

2.   Complete the crown of hat: sew the two sections together, right sides together and matching center seams.  Trim, finish and press.

 3.  Press bottom edge of brim under 1/4.

 4.  Sew one side of brim. Trim, press seam open. Press in half along center fold line.
So. . .  1st this and then press to --

get this.
 5.  Sew other side of brim.  Trim, press seam open.  The repress along center fold, shaping.

 6.  Sew brim to hat, right sides together and easing and matching side seams.  Trim the brim side of that seam.
Trim brim edge of that seam to reduce bulk.
 7.  Fold over the brim, turning seam to the inside and matching bottom fold line and seam.  Top stitch close to edge.
Pin in place

Sew close to edge
8.  Press seam flat.  Good pressing is the key to making a quality product.

After pressing the brim flat, turn the brim up and finger press in place, shaping while still warm.  It is possible to mold hat by steaming and molding with your fingers.  The duck cloth molds nicely.

Now you are ready to decorate with ribbon, sequins, buttons, appliqués, embroidery, etc.

See you at BlytheCon 2011!


  1. Thank you so much! I will be whipping this up tomorrow for BlytheCon! I only wish I would have gotten around to doing it sooner!

  2. Is there a link to your Etsy store?